Tool & Die Making (Mould Designing) Course

Course Description

ICD is the only institute that provides advanced level training for mould designing in Delhi. This tool & die making courses is a computer-aided drawing course where training is offered under the guidance of Mr. Ramesh Sharma, the owner of R.S Moulding Industry.

Tool & Die Making Module0/17

  • Part Designing (Finishing) 30 min

  • Plastic material determination 30 min

  • Parting Line and Parting Surface 30 min

  • Core and Cavity Extraction with Bolster 30 min

  • Steel Determination 30 min

  • Types of Moulds 30 min

  • General Mould Construction 30 min

  • Ejector System 30 min

  • Part Filling Process 30 min

  • Gate System 30 min

  • Cooling System 30 min

  • Sliders and Lifters 30 min

  • Split Moulds 30 min

  • Hydraulic system 30 min

  • Hot Runner Moulds 30 min

  • Press Tools 30 min

  • Data extraction for machining 30 min

Certification for this course is provided to students by a company under the Innovative Center of Design, which is incorporated as Qemiq Private Limited under the Companies Act 2013.

The knowledge is very valuable for potential mechanical engineers in the manufacturing industry, particularly those interested in making jigs, moulds, dies, cutting tools, machine tools and gauges in addition to other manufacturing tools. It helps you come in contact with all kinds of mould designing training such as die casting mould and injection mould. Other than this, the course helps you:

  • Plan the progression of operations from the star to the finished product.
  • Read and comprehend drawings and specifications of prototypes, dies, models and tools
  • Calculate dimensions, tolerances and setting up machine tools
  • Fix and put together parts with the help of hand tools
  • Make certain that the machined parts work in tandem with specifications

Moreover, the course is designed in a manner that helps students work seamlessly on their own or a team player on a wide array of tasks and projects.

The academy follows a learning process that involves a preset routine that includes regular quizzes, over 30 lectures and around 500 commands, mould designing practice on company parts, regular practical tests and practical training in ICD’s completely manufactured workshop.

The curriculum is divided into various modules that slowly unfold as the lectures go on. Each lecture lasts for a 30-minute duration.

ICD offers you quality education, a wider exposure to various tools and manufacturing processes and highly qualified faculty. Its integrated teaching approach makes certain that you gain the best of knowledge which in turn guarantees a fruitful blend of theoretical and practical information.

The institute follows a unique approach owing to which it has won appreciation as a dependable technology and training partner. Students are sure to benefit from its relentless encouragement, constant guidance and unsurpassed experience. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with ICD today and open up doors to mechanical engineering success forever.


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