Want to learn CNC machine, Programming (Manual or automatic coding)?

INNOVATIVE CENTRE OF DESIGN is one of the top institute for providing CNC machine training practically. Also, we provide coding training of CNC programming on CAM software. Delcam or master-cam software is the only popular software for CNC programming and we (ICD) provide training of CNC programming on Delcam, be it manual or automatic. We have fully developed mould manufacturing workshop which has many machineries like CNC machine (VMC), EDM (Electric Discharge Machine), Milling Machine (vertical), Lathe Machine and many other. Not only this, we have highly advance equipments.

What is CNC Machine?

 CNC means computer numerical control, This machine has created a new trend in cutting work piece metals simply and accurately. This machine is widely used in manufacturing sector. Some CNC machines are for 3axis and some are for 5axis. CNC machine works on numerical control only, and this machine cuts zigzag patterns or creative features very easily with excellent finishing or we can say this machine is the combination of Lathe machine, milling machine, grinding machine and routers.


What is CNC programming?

We all know that CNC machine works on numerical control only, CNC programming is done automatically or manually according to the type of feature. Programming means coding of cutting feature of metal. This coding is of two type G-codes and M-codes. This coding is done through CAM software like delcam. Coding of Cutting feature of metal includes speed of spindle, motion of bed on XYZ axis, tool changing etc.

Our institute (INNOVATIVE CENTRE OF DESIGN) divides CNC machine training into 3 modules:-


CNC machine practical training is our first step of training because without practical training programming meaningless. So for making it simple and easy we start with practical training in our in house manufacturing Workshop of institute. This includes proving training about:

  1. How to clamp cutting tool
  2. How to clamp workpiece.
  3. How to take centre point.
  4. How to dial workpiece.
  5. Type of cutters and collets
  6. Types of workpiece holding devices.



After completing practical knowledge the second step is manual coding. Manual coding is done only for simple features of metals like simple pockets, holes etc. Manual coding is sub divided into 4 parts these are Startup program, . this includes

  1. Knowledge of G and M codes.
  2. Making round feature
  3. Making Simple line feature like a square feature
  4. Simple patterns.
  5. Simple repetition patterns.



Now this is last and final level of CNC training. Through CAM software programming is done automatically. CAM programming is most common way of programming. Reputed companies prefer automatic CAM programming instead of wasting time on manual programming. Automatic programming saves times and it is accurate as compare to manual programming. This includes

  1. Delcam environment training.
  2. Import export of solid models.
  3. Analyzing the mould
  4. Planning of cutting
  5. Choosing the appropriate tool
  6. Area cleaning process
  7. Finishing

These are our modules of CNC machine training, innovative centre of design is the best option and only institute in Delhi for CNC training. Working as a CNC machine operator in our workshop will definitely make you a confident CNC machine operator. We have industry Professional staff and fully developed workshop for your best training. We are providing best training of CNC programming and machining in Delhi from over 10 years and student’s satisfaction is our sole goal. Giving best training to students is our promise.